Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!
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download  *Practice Postcard Example*  *Practice Postcard Example*

  Postcards can provide a low cost effective way to attract new interest in the practice. We created this Postcard Example during a recent Mentor Seminar in Las Vegas.

download  *Effective Newspaper Advertisement*  *Effective Newspaper Advertisement*

  Here is an actual copy of the newspaper ad that takes a charity angle, averages 30 new patients when its run. I am a big believer in taking a charity marketing approach to practice promotion, as it can yield very high R.O.I.

download  *Make $20,000 in Two Weeks*  *Make $20,000 in Two Weeks*

  Use this strategy to create a cash surge in the practice. Used very successfully by our doctor clients

download  *One piece of paper*  *One piece of paper*

  This one piece of paper made one doctor $44,000 a month, with no risk. Simple strategy for offering “maintenance health programs” which enable you to charge a fee monthly, to the patients credit card. Most practices are making $15,000 a month once the program is established. Others make more! All from one piece of paper.

download  *Takeaway Selling Case Plan Form*  *Takeaway Selling Case Plan Form*

  This is the Form used by a member that gets patients to “sell themselves” on purchasing a $4500 case plan. This is based on “takeaway selling” and what we call the Pain Funnel.

download  *How to get Medical Referrals*  *How to get Medical Referrals*

  Doctors can earn a substantial living, from the referrals given by other medical professionals. Doctors erroneously believe that medical referrals can’t be cultivated. This report reveals a Letter of Introduction and a proven approach that works in the real world.

download  *Referral Business Card*  *Referral Business Card*

  A few years ago I advised my clients to print a simple paragraph on the back of their business card, that would turn it into a conversation piece that would be remembered and usually acted upon. All this, for about an extra half-of-a-cent per business card!

download  *Promotional Map Tool*  *Promotional Map Tool*

  This one page tool organizes and tracks your complete Practice Promotional Campaign. Clients have used this tool for years, to build practices.

download  *The Wow Checklist*  *The Wow Checklist*

  The foundation of practice referrals is to impress new patients with your service and competency, right away. The secret to building a referral based practice is cultivating the art of treating patients like V.I.P.’s Nothing does this like a wow experience. From my private files, here is the Wow Checklist

download  *The Referral Survey*  *The Referral Survey*

  Once you’ve laid the groundwork for referrals, how do you proactively generate them without offending patients? The solution is a tool I’ve been using for years with great success, called The Referral Survey!

download  *Dr. Nielsen's Val Pak Ad*  *Dr. Nielsen’s Val Pak Ad*

  Member Dr. Nielsen was kind enough to share with us his latest successful Val Pak advertisement. Great example of creative use of val pak, many good ideas here

download  *Chiropractic Newsletter Marketing*  *Chiropractic Newsletter Marketing*

  For D.C.’s – You must keep in touch. A practice newsletter can be a valuable practice building tool. This report teaches a proven strategy to increase reactivations and referrals by 30%, and provides an actual successful example of a four-page practice newsletter

download  *Practice Goal Setting Report*  *Practice Goal Setting Report*

  This Practice Building Center “white paper” on effective practice goal setting teaches my 4 step procedure. It has worked wonders for our Mentor clients and it can for you too

download  *The Unused Benefits Strategy*  *The Unused Benefits Strategy*

  The Benefits Letter is a very clever strategy. It can be used by any doctor who has insured patients. One doctor in our Mentor Program told me that my Benefit Letter marketing program has made him +$7,000 every December he has used it. That provides a nice income surge in the practice. Every penny counts! When you see how easy this is, I think it’s something that you too will desire to use each year during the month of December.

download  *Advertising Fee Reduction Letter*  *Advertising Fee Reduction Letter*

  Save $$ on advertiing, using this letter. We’ve saved over $100,000 over the years in reduced advertising costs using this word for word letter. One doctor client immediately saved $500 a month in advertising fees, after showing him how to use this letter. COMPLETE LETTER, DOWNLOAD AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW YOU CAN SAVE $$ ON PAID ADVERTISING

Your selection returned: 29 items   –   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 29 Found.    NEXT