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Limited opportunity for private access to Ben Cummings…

Private One-On-One Coaching
With Ben Cummings


SOLD OUT: At this time, I am not accepting any new coaching clients. 

Chiropractic marketing consultant Ben Cummings


I am taking on a (very) small number of private one-on-one coaching clients who get direct access to me. 


As one of my coaching clients, you choose how long you need my help for – whether it’s 2 months or 2 years.

As a private coaching client of mine you will receive:

  • One On One Phone Mentoring with Ben Cummings. 8-week program consisting of 45-minute weekly skype calls. Dates and times to be scheduled.

  • Private email access to me (NOT my staff) between phone sessions (accept when I am traveling/on vacation.)

  • Private Sounding Board. I am well connected and have access to people, resources & tools that can open doors and create opportunities for you/your career, eg. if I become your coach, I will “have your back.”

  • ACCOUNTABILITY. I will hold your feet to the flames. You tell me what you are committed to accomplish then I will make sure you get it done by holding you accountable, eg. as your private coach, I won’t allow excuses and you will remain focused, on track, and hitting your goals.

  • No-holds-barred access to my absolute best, most private & powerful tactical techniques, methods and business models, eg. you can ask me ANYTHING. I will coach you through installing these processes so they “stick.”

  • Development of a detailed overall strategy coherent with your particular lifestyle and professional aspirations in order to fast-track your chiropractic career progress i.e. a TAILORED & focused strategy for your business.


The last time I officially advertised this, was in August last year. Once I nail down this small group of private coaching clients, I plan to close down the 1-on-1 coaching for quite a while and just concentrate on working with my existing clients. I have helped many doctors to become financially independent from my advice, and there is no other way to get this kind of personalized, 1-on-1 access with me. Note: You must have an already established practice (no “new” doctors, no “starving doctors” either, sorry.)



While slots are open, the price
for this private coaching is:

$2,500 / Per 8-Week Term

SOLD OUT: I am not currently accepting any new
one on one coaching clients. 


email info(at)practicebuildingcenter.com if you have further questions.