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    Practice booster consulting program… who else wants to improve their take-home income substantially?
    Practice booster consulting program... who else wants to improve their take-home income substantially?

     Powerful practice building advice, from someone who has already helped over 3,000 doctors to grow their practice income…




    “I highly recommend Ben’s telephone consulting package.


    He helped me identify major flaws that have been costing me money.

    His advice has proved to be invaluable.


    We expect to make ten times what I spent with Ben.

    There is no one else I’ve met who can pinpoint practice problems

    and fix them, like Ben Cummings.


    Highly recommended!” 


    – Dr. Howell, KY







    One of my great joys is the chance to work one on one with doctors. I’ve never really advertised my consulting services… however we receive many emails about what we charge so I decided to provide some of the details here.


    How Do We Work With Doctors?


    Often a practice can benefit greatly from private consulting. Working with an experienced person, they are able to identify blockages in the practice. They can help a practice grow to the next level.


    There are four main areas in which I can help a doctor…

    • Improving case presentation and case acceptance
    • Generating substantial new patient flow
    • Practice management issues… specifically putting a practice on auto-pilot
    • Building up the cash-side of a practice

    The areas in which I have no interest in consulting on are: issues related to insurance coding, collections and Medicaid / Medicare issues.


    The areas I excel and am well know for are…


    Methods for practice building and improving a doctors personal take home income.



    How our consulting program works…


    We accept a limited number of clients each month, based on how busy I happen to be at that time.


    I prefer to do all consultations by telephone.


    This saves the client on travel fees. It enables me to offer affordable prices.


    To accept a client for consulting, we require a three hour minimum. 


    We’ve found the best way to do the consulting, is to select three days and schedule one hour per day.


    Doing it this way enables me to think about my clients problem… and work on it over a number of days.


    I’ve found the results to be much better when we do it this way!





    “The telephone consulting I had with Ben was probably the best investment I have made in years.

    He is the guru on running a system oriented turn key practice. 


    I’m working on implementing his financial case presentation,

    which I feel is the BEST in the profession.


    Thank’s Ben for all your help.

    – Dr. Tuchinsky, FL





    How much?


    The consulting fee, for 3 hours is $1200.


    This is to be paid in full before the consulting starts. 


    We can accomplish a lot in those three hours!


    What kind of results can you expect?


    A 30% increase in practice revenues, is the typical result. Of course this vary’s based on what you desire to accomplish.


    My goal for consulting clients is…

    • Find out exactly what my client wants to accomplish
    • Let him know if it’s attainable, based on his existing circumstances
    • Diagnose his problem / practice
    • Prescribe a set of specific solutions and actions, to achieve the desired goal

    Some clients choose to frequently do consulting quarterly. They find great benefit in an ongoing relationship…



    Are you ready to get started…

    growing your practice?


    Let’s face it. Here is the bottom line!


    Do you want be running a more successful practice? Do you want more business, do you want to really improve your income, so you can retire at a young enough age to enjoy retirement? Do you want to be in a position where you can take off up to 4 days per week, as most of my private clients are now able to do?


    If you’re serious about being all you can be in practice, I know you’re going to love working together! Get started today… by selecting the purchase option found below. As soon as we receive your order, myself or Emily will personally call you to schedule the three days.


    We’ll be speaking soon…




    Ben Cummings


    Click here to order:
    Consulting Package with Ben: $1200