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download  *Dr. Nielsen Summer Reactivation*  *Dr. Nielsen Summer Reactivation*

  This is Dr. Nieslen’s summer time $20 reactivation postcard.

download  *Dr. Nielsen Work Excuse Form*  *Dr. Nielsen Work Excuse Form*

  This is Dr. Nieslen’s Work Excuse form provided to patients who need written permission to miss work or school.

download  *The Valentines Day Postcard*  *The Valentines Day Postcard*

  Here is Dr. Greg Nielsen’s Valentines Day Postcard. This is a high-profit Postcard that averages 25:1 Return on Investment.

He mails it same time every year and is his freakin’ work horse.

(ONLY pbc members get access to this)

Access this in the pbc download library here…

download  *Dr Nielsen's RX Pad*  *Dr Nielsen’s RX Pad*


download  *Thanksgiving Postcard*  *Thanksgiving Postcard*

  This is a terrific postcard template. This has stood the test of time and generated over $500,000 for one of my Top Dogs, Dr. Greg Nielsen. He was kind enough to share this winning MONSTER postcard with other members. He simply adapts this postcard for Christmas… Valentines Day… or whatever holiday.

download  *Special Report: Cash Accelerator*  *Special Report: Cash Accelerator*

  Special Report Download: “The Cash Flow Accelerator Strategy.” Download this special report which details a rare strategy being used by only a select few of my D.C. clients, however it can cause a true “patient explosion” in your practice the very first month it is used. Best part, costs very little to implement but it admittedly will require a certain “leap of faith” because this contrarian strategy runs counter to all your experiences as a health care provider.

download  *Special Report: Chiro Millionaire*  *Special Report: Chiro Millionaire*

  Special Report Download: “The Chiropractic Millionaire Next Door”. Download this special report which is about what to do when your practice is slowing down! A contrarian’s approach to re-focusing a struggling practice. The power of “high-yield marketing projects”… the power of compounding marketing yields… and the secret behind frugality in practice, when it counts most. This report can change your financial future…

download  *Free Month of Care Worksheet*  *Free Month of Care Worksheet*

  A great tactic if you’re starting out (or flat) is to offer a free month of care. This is working brilliantly for Top Dogs and Young Guns. Here is a form that explains how this works to the patient, as created by Dr. Greg Nielsen. (Thanks Greg!)

download  *Getting Paid Form for Whiplash Pts*  *Getting Paid Form for Whiplash Pts*

  The New Economy has resulted in changes how DC’s handle P.I. cases. Sad to say, DC’s can no longer bill the other person’s car insurance company and expect to get paid for services rendered. (The patient gets the check and spends it without paying us) Mysteriously, the patient cannot be found ever again. I’m attaching Dr. Nielsen’s new form that he is using that enables him to get paid in a nearly risk-free way on whiplash/PI cases.

download  *The IME Worksheet*  *The IME Worksheet*

  Download this form to counteract the unfair tactics being used by so-called “Independent Medical Examiner’s.” All you have to do is hand this worksheet to your patient a day or two before they report for their IME appointment. Your patient simply fills out the worksheet and gives it back to you. All you have to do is compare the IME Worksheet your patient filled out to the IME Report. If the worksheet and the report do not match, then the IME doctor has some explaining to do and your chances of getting paid dramatically increase

download  *Dr. Nielsen's Shipping Label*  *Dr. Nielsen’s Shipping Label*

  This is the Word Document version of the shipping label used by Dr. Nielsen.

download  *Dr. Nielsen's Val Pak Ad*  *Dr. Nielsen’s Val Pak Ad*

  Member Dr. Nielsen was kind enough to share with us his latest successful Val Pak advertisement. Great example of creative use of val pak, many good ideas here

download  *Practice Excel Spreadsheet*  *Practice Excel Spreadsheet*

  Platinum & Coaching Member Dr. Sean Stringer shares this Excel Spreadsheet that is used to track vital practice statistics.

download  *Takeaway Selling Case Plan Form*  *Takeaway Selling Case Plan Form*

  This is the Form used by a member that gets patients to “sell themselves” on purchasing a $4500 case plan. This is based on “takeaway selling” and what we call the Pain Funnel.

download  *Advertising Fee Reduction Letter*  *Advertising Fee Reduction Letter*

  Save $$ on advertiing, using this letter. We’ve saved over $100,000 over the years in reduced advertising costs using this word for word letter. One doctor client immediately saved $500 a month in advertising fees, after showing him how to use this letter. COMPLETE LETTER, DOWNLOAD AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW YOU CAN SAVE $$ ON PAID ADVERTISING

Your selection returned: 29 items   –   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 29 Found.    NEXT