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Members Only Content Archives

Displaying Matches 1 thru 32 of 32 Found.  

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #71: The Message in a Bottle Mailer (See the letter doctor used)

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #69: A Killer Mailer to Use for a Clinic Anniversary (See exact letter and mailing here)

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #64: How A Doctor Got 31 Patients from 100 Letters (Interview, Letter Download)

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #61: How To Get Four Times More Social Media Results Using Flickr (3 tutorials)

•  Members-Only Content for Podcast #16: Download Dr. Reiss High-ROI Spreadsheet Form

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #60: Live Examples of $30,000 Direct Mail Pieces and More Superb Case Studies

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #59: How to Do Sneaky Cool Things With Google Alerts and Spying On The Competition

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #58: Dr Parker’s Business Card Strategy and Interview Revealed

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #56: How to Get Patients from Youtube With Movie Maker

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #55: How to Get Other Doctors to Drive in Dozens of Patients for Free

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #54: The Google Ten-Box Video Training

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #52: The Back to School Postcard (download Word file)

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #51: Video shows two secret sources for outrageous marketing weapons, discussed on video #51

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #50: How to use the top secret video tool that I talked about in episode #50

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #48: Download the Amazing Fake Wallet Reactivation Letter PLUS Secret Source for the Fake Wallets Revealed

•  The Pay What I’m Worth Chiropractic Marketing System – Download this PDF!

•  YouTube 2.0 — Watch video to see the new changes YouTube is making that can get you patients and increase your results with video marketing

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #47: How to Use Domain Forwarding to Quadruple Your Social Media Results

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #46: How to Use Animoto.com to Make Gorgeous Looking Online Videos in Under 3 Minutes!

•  The Facebook Land Grab: Urgent News — Grab Your Facebook Name URL Immediately!

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #45: Video Tutorial On Secrets Behind Using Ping.fm to Manage Your Social Media Efforts!

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #44: 8 Video Tutorials on How to Use BlogTalkRadio.com to Get Patients & Market New Services

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #43: How to Get Staff to Grow Your Practice: Download this Letter!

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #42: How This Sign Got 21 Patients for a DC

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #41: How to Upload to YouTube and Using ‘Keyword Loading’ Tactic

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #40: Tutorial for Email Signatures and Using it to Get Business

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #39: Tutorial for PressReleaseGeyser.com one of my secret weapons

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #38: Direct Mail that Averages 6:1 ROI for Driving in Patients

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #37: Download the Pediatric Countertop Letter

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #36: Download the Chiropractic Prescription Pad

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #35: Screencast of How to Use Elance.com

•  Members-Only Content for Episode #34: Doctors Using Text Messaging to Grow Their Practices

Displaying Matches 1 thru 32 of 32 Found