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Chiropractic Marketing Podcast: Interview with Dr. Reiss Explaining How to Exploit and Identify the Highest-ROI Marketing Activities in Your Practice (episode #16)

•  Podcast Episode #15: How to Get Patients With a Review Site

•  Podcast Episode #14: Drive New Patient Traffic With Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising!

•  Podcast Episode #13: Seven Killer Facebook Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

•  Podcast Episode #12: The Facebook Marketing System that Gets 12 Patients in One Week, Revealed!

•  Podcast Episode #11: Twitter Marketing Unleashed with Dr. Matthew Loop

•  Podcast Episode #10: Mastering the Psychology of the Insurance Encounter With New Patients

•  Podcast Episode #9: Top Secrets Behind Getting Patients With YouTube Chiropractic Marketing

•  Podcast Episode #8: Interview With Dr Matthew Loop How to Use Social Media to Get Patients

•  Podcast Episode #7: Help, Why Am I Always Behind Seeing Patients?

•  Podcast Episode #6: Help, My P.V.A. Sucks!

•  Podcast Episode #5: Should You Offer Patients Payment Plans for Care?

•  Podcast Episode #4: Guerrilla Tactics for Getting Patients With Outdoor Signage

•  Episode #3: What to Do About Those Darned Price-Shopping Patients??!?!

•  Episode #2: Year End Upgrading Strategy

•  Episode #1: Chiropractic Marketing Predictions for 2009

•  Audio Tutorial: When to Fire Staff!

•  Audio Tutorial: Huge Opportunities in Renewable Monthly Membership Programs in the D.C. Practice!

•  Audio Tutorial: The Structure of an Effective Case Presentation

•  Audio Tutorial: The Marketing Secret that Instantly Increased Results by 73% Overnight!

•  Powerful marketing tool runs on auto-pilot and automatically SELLS patients on your chiropractic services… without lifting a finger!

•  Audio Tutorial: Proven Way for Doctors to Increase their Marketing Results by 500%, Without Spending Any More Money!

•  Audio Tutorial: How to Use the 80/20 Rule to Massively Expand Happiness & Reduce Stress, Right Now!

•  Rare Audio Interview: Telemarketing Expert Talks Frankly About the use of Telemarketing to Grow the Professional Practice!

•  Winner of Contest: Dr. Dee Ann Nason for her Pizza Box Mailing!

•  How to Build a $50,000 a Month Wellness Program the Easy Way – A new breakthrough idea

•  Rare Audio Interview: How Dr. William Booker Started With $1,000 and Built 10 Clinics From Scratch, in Record Time

•  Audio Tutorial: One of Our Secret Weapons of Practice Building!

•  Case Study: The Simple Letter Made $94,000 in 90 Days Revealed!

•  Case Study: Make Your Own Appointment Postcard!

•  Audio Tutorial: ‘How a Doctor Sells $12,000 a Month in Massage Therapy’

•  Case Study: Most Effective Lead Generation Ad

•  Even More ideas for making money with an audio brochure!

•  New ideas for using the audio brochure, to market chiropractic services faster & easier!

•  Audio Tutorial of the Week: A Simple Referral Idea that Works!

•  Case Study: Actual Example of a successful Audio Brochure used to build a $28,000 per month Maintenance Program

•  The Power of the Audio Brochure

•  Practice Builder of the Month: How Dr. William Booker Built 10 Clinics, Using One Marketing Method

•  Audio Tutorial: The Great American Flag Plant And How It Can Get An Entire Town Talking About You, in Just 24 Hours!

•  Audio Tutorial: A Killer Promotion to Keep Your Practice Busy During the Summer Months

•  Practice Builder of the Month: How Dr. Durham Grew from 346 to 661 Visits, in a month!

•  New Marketing Weapon Let’s You Send FREE Audio Messages, To All Your Patients!

Displaying Matches 1 thru 45 of 45 Found