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Practice Management Archives

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•  The Facebook Ad Frenzy: Get Streams of Inexpensive New Patients from Facebook Pay Per Click!

•  Chiropractor Practice Management: Actual Photo & Video Release to Use With Patients

•  DOWNLOAD PDF: The Beginners Guide to Outsourcing Your Chiropractor Marketing Tasks!

•  Video Episode #40: How to Use Social Media and Facebook to Get Patients

•  The Key Trait of the Top Dogs that Enable Them to Survive & Prosper Even in Challenging Times

•  Three New Killer Strategies for Making A Profit With P.I. Patients in the New Economy!

•  How to Handle All Those Requests for Charitable Donations — and Get Patients From It!

•  Audio Tutorial: When to Fire Staff!

•  How Some Doctors Are Using Saturdays As A Backend Profit Center!

•  Three Secrets For Preventing Patient Drift

•  How to Prevent Identity Theft, Reduce Junk Mail & Build an Iron-Curtain Around Your Credit… Without Having to Spend Money on a Service to Do It For You!

•  How To Beat the ‘Independent Medical Examiner’ Doctors At Their Own Game – A Method that Works!

•  The Contrarian’s Secret Behind Running an Ultra High-Yield Chiropractic Practice

•  4 Ways to Make Money With Your Office Telephone!

•  Dr. Nielsen’s Dirty Little Appointment Book Scheduling Secret, That Your Staff is Too Afraid to Tell You!

•  Video Tip of the Week: The Power of 5%

•  A Mind-Numbingly Great Example of a Real-Life Wow Experience that ALL Doctors Can Learn & Profit From!

•  Warning: Are YOU Guilty of Not Backing Up Your Office Computers Frequently Enough?

•  Audio Tutorial: Proven Way for Doctors to Increase their Marketing Results by 500%, Without Spending Any More Money!

•  The Amazing Secret Tool that this Doctor Uses to Average $5000 Per Patient

•  A Top Dogs Secret: The Power of Marketing Consistency

•  Behind the Scenes of My Coaching Program: How This Doctor Gets a 70% Referral Rate With a Simple Sentence on Patient In-Take Form

•  The Role of Telephone Handling & Its Influence Over Marketing Results!

•  How Doctors Are Building Wealth Securely With A Little Known Investment With Very Little Risk, Yet High Rewards!

•  The Argument for Premium Pricing And Why You MUST Have At Least One Expensive Service in Your Practice!

•  Case Study: The Power of Educating About Conditions!

•  Coaching Case Study: Insight into How My Top Dogs Blast Through Every Practice Goal They Set!

•  The Fatal Flaw With the ‘Begging for Referrals’ Ploy

•  Turnkey Practice Strategy: Clean Up Messes!

•  The Power of ‘Highest & Best Use’ Applied to Practice Building & Prosperity-Thinking

•  Audio Tutorial: ‘How a Doctor Sells $12,000 a Month in Massage Therapy’

•  Three Rules for Making Quick & Easy Money with a Backend Program

•  The Secret to Breakthroughs: Why Doctors Get ‘Stuck’ and How to ‘Unstick Yourself’

•  Mistakes We Keep Seeing Doctors Make!

•  How Bold Are You Willing To Be With Your Guarantee?

•  Is Patient Education Really That Important?

•  The Power of Periodization

•  Audio Tutorial of the Week: A Simple Referral Idea that Works!

•  ‘You’re Fired!’ – A Blunt Guide for Knowing When You Should Fire Your Staff

•  The Strong Argument AGAINST Practice Expansion! – Should You Expand Your Practice into Bigger Space? It may be a bad idea

•  A Powerful Exercise that Can Change Your Life – Writing Your Life’s Story

•  Are You Making this Big Mistake in Practice Management? If so, it’s costing you big time

•  Case Study of a $725,000 Per Year Practice – Inner workings Revealed!

•  Secrets of the Highest Rated Doctors: Research shows what these doctors do to score a ‘ten out of ten’ rating from patients!

•  How Much Should You Spend on Marketing for Patients?

•  Why Right Now Might Be the BEST Time Ever to Raise Your Fee’s!

•  Three Sneaky Ways To Compete With Santa This Year, and Win!

•  Practice Management 101: Are You A Dream Boss Or A Nightmare…

•  The Wonderful Secret of… Marketing Arbitrage!

•  How to Supercharge Your Staff

•  How Staff Can Negatively Effect Marketing Efforts

•  The Sweet Color of Success!

•  Why Do We Lose Patients?

•  Power of the ‘Take Home’ X-Ray as the Ultimate Referral Tool

•  Want to Double the Value of Your Patients? – Part 2

•  If You Want It Done Right… You DON’T Have To Do It Yourself!

•  How to Get Your Marketing Program Organized – Photo’s of My Own System of Organization Revealed

•  The Power of Setting a ‘Monthly Collected Income’ Goal for Your Practice!

•  3 Traits Found in Doctors Who Achieve Near 100% Case Acceptance

•  How This Doctor Retired 10 Years Early with 7 Million Dollars

Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 79 Found  NEXT