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Chiropractic Marketing Tacics Archives

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•  The Facebook Ad Frenzy Part Two: Get Streams of Inexpensive New Patients from Facebook Pay Per Click!

•  Dr. Greg Nielsen’s $1,000,000 Dollar Letter Revealed: Video Interview Plus PDF and Word File to Download

•  Podcast Episode #13: Seven Killer Facebook Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

•  Podcast Episode #12: The Facebook Marketing System that Gets 12 Patients in One Week, Revealed!

•  Podcast Episode #11: Twitter Marketing Unleashed with Dr. Matthew Loop

•  Podcast Episode #10: Mastering the Psychology of the Insurance Encounter With New Patients

•  Podcast Episode #9: Top Secrets Behind Getting Patients With YouTube Chiropractic Marketing

•  Video Episode #40: How to Use Social Media and Facebook to Get Patients

•  Video Episode #39: What to Do When You Don’t Take a Patients Insurance!

•  Video Episode #38: Direct Mail that Proactively Drives in the Patients!

•  Video Episode #37: Is it Possible to Work only 3 Days a Week and Make The Same or MORE Money?

•  Video Tip: How to Avoid Practice Burn Out!

•  Video Tip: Help My PVA Sucks!

•  Screencast: How to Research What Your Patients Are Searching for On the Internet – The Basic Concept Explained in Plain English!

•  A Chiropractor’s Guide to Getting Started With Google Adwords and Analytics

•  The Best Promotional Letter I’ve Ever Seen!

•  Update on Why Our Clients Are Giving Away a Free MONTH of Chiropractic Care and the Impact It’s Having On Their Practice

•  How to Handle All Those Requests for Charitable Donations — and Get Patients From It!

•  Case Study: What Big Marketing Lesson Can Doctors Learn from This Nationally Run Football Advertisement?

•  Secrets I Learned About Practice Building from My Recent Trip to Hawaii!

•  An Overlooked Advertising Opportunity: The Newspaper Grabber!

•  How Do You Know When To Pull The Plug On Your Fizzling Newspaper Ad?

•  Do You Know the #1 Advertising Mistake Doctors Are Making that Costs them Thousands of Dollars?

•  Three Secrets For Preventing Patient Drift

•  Video Tip of the Week: Gift Certificate on Steroids!

•  The Contrarian’s Secret Behind Running an Ultra High-Yield Chiropractic Practice

•  How to Get More Personal Injury Patients, By Automating Your Attorney Follow Ups

•  4 Ways to Make Money With Your Office Telephone!

•  A Mind-Numbingly Great Example of a Real-Life Wow Experience that ALL Doctors Can Learn & Profit From!

•  Dr. McGregor’s $40,000 Christmas Letter Revealed!

•  The Secret Source for Getting Your Own Personalized Handwriting Font to Use in Your Marketing!

•  7 ways you can immediately get more patients coming through your doors!

•  Dr. Nielsen’s One Minute Chiropractic Lecture on YouTube!

•  Audio Tutorial: Proven Way for Doctors to Increase their Marketing Results by 500%, Without Spending Any More Money!

•  The Amazing Secret Tool that this Doctor Uses to Average $5000 Per Patient

•  Winner of Contest: Dr. Dee Ann Nason for her Pizza Box Mailing!

•  A Top Dogs Secret: The Power of Marketing Consistency

•  Behind the Scenes of My Coaching Program: How This Doctor Gets a 70% Referral Rate With a Simple Sentence on Patient In-Take Form

•  How A Practice Grew 40% By Mailing Follow Up Letters!

•  A Devastatingly Powerful Psychological Tactic to Be Used Sparingly… That Can Deliver Fantastic Results

•  How to Build a $50,000 a Month Wellness Program the Easy Way – A new breakthrough idea

•  Bonus Report Download: How to Make Attorneys Want to Do Business With You

•  Case Study: The Amazing Pill Box Letter!

•  6 Big Secrets to Success with Patient Reactivations!

•  Case Study: See What is Perhaps the Most Successful Lumpy Mail Letter in History!

•  The Argument for Premium Pricing And Why You MUST Have At Least One Expensive Service in Your Practice!

•  Case Study: The Power of Educating About Conditions!

•  Case Study: Who Else Wants to Tap Into the 62% of American Drivers Who Will Be In An Auto Accident in the Next 36 Months?

•  Rare Audio Interview: How Dr. William Booker Started With $1,000 and Built 10 Clinics From Scratch, in Record Time

•  Coaching Behind the Scenes: The Legendary J.V. Letter Revealed!

•  The Free Visit Strategy: A Good Or Bad Idea?

•  Three Little-Known Benefits of a Backend Marketing Strategy, Revealed!

•  Audio Tutorial: ‘How a Doctor Sells $12,000 a Month in Massage Therapy’

•  Three Rules for Making Quick & Easy Money with a Backend Program

•  Checklist: 80-20 Thinking Checklist for Doctors Who Want a Big Breakthrough

•  Making Your Marketing Automatic

•  How Bold Are You Willing To Be With Your Guarantee?

•  Audio Tutorial of the Week: A Simple Referral Idea that Works!

•  Practice Builder of the Month: How Dr. William Booker Built 10 Clinics, Using One Marketing Method

•  The Amazing Secret of the Marketing Tree – A Proven Approach to Marketing Your Chiropractic Services

Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 102 Found  NEXT