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Feature Articles Archives

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•  Think BIGGER!

•  3 Killer Holiday & Seasonal Promotional Ideas – Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  What You Absolutely Need to Do BEFORE You Market & Promote Your Practice- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  7 Marketing Mistakes that Cause Your Practice to Flat Lone- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Facebook Video Ads for DC’s- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Takeaway Selling for Doctors – The Theory & Practice- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Super Profitable Postcards: Using Inexpensive Postcards- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Swapping Patients With Other Doctors, Legally!- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  How to UNCOVER An Extra Five Figures This Year in Practice- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  News of the Death of Newspaper Advertising Has Been Greatly Exaggerated- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  The 100 Day Practice Growth Challenge- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  The $30k Chiropractic Letters- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  A Marketing Approach for Headache / Migraine Patients- Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  The Complete Carpal Tunnel Marketing Plan – Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Whiplash Marketing Tactics from My Bag Of Tricks – Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Why Chiropractors Should Be Using Facebook Offers – Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  World’s Best Way to Attract New Patients – Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  7 Tactics for Dealing With the Chiropractic Shakeout of 2014

•  The Referral Ninja – Members Only Webinar Replay!

•  Operation: Get A Life!

•  Ben’s Video Report -‘Ben how the h*ll do you get so much done?!?’

•  The Hit Your Daily Number Strategy …

•  The Stalker Reactivation Strategy …

•  The B.T.A. Strategy – Blow Them Away!

•  Chiropractic Mastermind Group – How To Access Our Group!

•  The Facebook Success Ad Swipe File for Chiropractors

•  Breakthrough Facebook Ninja Tricks…

•  Ben Unleashed Episode #118 – Why patients DROP OUT from the Exam or ROF?

•  Ben Unleashed Episode #117 – Double Your Email List Using Facebook?

•  Ben Unleashed Episode #116 – Is THIS The Best Facebook Ad That A Chiropractor Could Ever Use?

•  Chiropractic Goes Viral Will Flat Out CHANGE Your Business. Watch Video & Have Your Mind Blown:


•  THE NEW MOVER SYSTEM– Video, Audio & Marketing Materials

•  The Traffic Strategy Report: ‘Paid Advertiser Edition’ of the Micro Newsletter (Get others to pay your mailing costs!)

•  The Traffic Strategy Report: Rank Overnight in Google for Tough Keywords! (Summer/Fall 2013)

•  The Foundations Series — Subtle Power Persuasion for DC’s

•  WebTV Episode #115 – Only Work 4 Hours A Day?

•  WebTV Episode #114 – Rank Overnight in Google for Tough Keywords!

•  WebTV Episode #113 – The ATM Money Machine Practice

•  How To Create A Daily Online Newsletter For Patients

•  The Traffic Strategy Report: The Golf & Tennis Marketing System

•  The Traffic Strategy Report: The Best Personal Injury Letter That I’ve Ever Seen!

•  WebTV Episode #112 – Facebook Made Easy!

•  WebTV Episode #111 – The Youth Sports Team Chiropractor

•  WebTV Episode #110 – How to Get More Personal Injury Cases

•  WebTV Episode #109 – The Income Money Machine

•  WebTV Episode #108 – Six Figures From Rehab that Runs Itself?

•  WebTV Episode #107 – What If They Outlaw Chiropractic?

•  The Foundations Series — The Retire Rich & Young Trilogy: ‘The Monthly Income Machine’ (BOOK THREE)

•  The Foundations Series — The Retire Rich & Young Trilogy: ‘The Debt Smashing Manifesto’ (BOOK TWO)

•  The Foundations Series — The Retire Rich & Young Trilogy: ‘How to Retire Filthy Rich At A Young Age’ (BOOK ONE)

•  WebTV Episode #106 – Therapy Reimbursement Problems?

•  WebTV Episode #105 – How To Get More Medicare Patients!

•  The Traffic Strategy Report: Get New Patients With Facebook Promoted Posts Strategy!

•  The Traffic Strategy Report: Operation Medicare – The Senior Homeowners Postcard Strategy

•  WebTV Episode #104 – 7% of Your Patient Base Needs THIS!

•  Webinar Replay – The Micro Newsletters Strategy (The $10,000 Marketing Program Revealed.)

•  The Foundations Series Book #3: New Patient Outreach!

•  The Foundations Series Book #2: The Land of Lost Patients

•  The Foundations Series Book #1: The Emotional Risk Quotient – Predictor of Chiropractic Success!

Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 657 Found  NEXT