Discover over 1,001 chiropractic marketing tips, chiropractic internet marketing ideas, social media methods, and the Chiropractic Marketing Makeover TV Show featuring Ben Cummings. Ben Cummings is the nations top chiropractic marketing consultant with 15 years experience working with 5000 chiropractors in 18 countries.
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Ben’s LIVE Internet Marketing Show

I’m glad you’re interested in Ben’s LIVE internet shows! This is an industry first. Ben hooks up a high-def video camera and allows you to interect with him and mastermind the best ways to enhance and grow your practice! Using the latest cutting edge technology, you’ll be able to write in and ask questions in “real time”, see Ben hold up examples, and share his insights. Look at these occasional shows as a 30-minute “Marketing Free for All” broadcast live all over the world.

The only way to participate in Ben’s LIVE Internet Shows is to provide your email address below to get the notifications. Ben does these on short notice and if we don’t have your email you will miss the opportunity to participate:

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