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About Ben Cummings

About Ben Cummings & PracticeBuildingCenter.com

How to select a practice consultant you can trust:


One of most important questions to ask yourself is… How can I choose the right practice consultant for me? Who can take me to the next level? Who has the track record, proven expertise, and credentials to back it up?


Of course, I believe that’s me. I built this page to back up these assertions. Plus have a little fun along the way. Are you ready?

Brief History About Ben Cummings & Practice Building Center
Let’s first address… who is Ben Cummings?


Here’s Why You Need to Listen to Ben:

Ben Cummings is the founder of Practice Building Center , the world’s largest chiropractic forum and chiropractic marketing training website. Ben recently got mass media coverage when his discussion forum celebrated its 20,000 forum post, making it the largest discussion forum in the chiropractic industry.

Practice Building Center has been featured on ABC, CBS, Newsday, Worth Magazine, Yahoo! News front page, dozens of online newspapers such as a the San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Herald and over 2,000 other media outlets.

Extensive coverage in the media – Click Here to See It


   An independent review was written by a Dr Jorman about me which you can read about below. I have excerpted some of his article because the guy wrote a better history about me than even I could:) Feel free to read his entire review here:

Chiropractic Consultant Review — Ben Cummings <– click=”” here=”” span=””>


What is Practice Building Center about?

It was founded in 2004 by chiropractic consultant Ben Cummings as an online training resource for chiropractors.

Practice Building Center contains 300+ online training videos as well as downloadable marketing documents and forms. Ben releases a marketing training monthly which includes the needed marketing materials.

Ben says that Practice Building Center is specifically for chiropractors who need new patients or aren’t growing like they would expect. “What is unique about our membersite, is that we limit it to only 500 members. This insures that our marketing ideas don’t saturate the market. Our members really like the closed community we have created because it protects them to an extent.”

The discussion forum is currently only available to paying members of the website. “This insures that we don’t attract spammers. It seems that keeping it closed off to the general public has allowed our doctors to feel more comfortable sharing openly their ideas and concerns about the industry,” says Ben. “I am particularly proud of the fact that we just hit our 20,000 forum post. That is pretty incredible for a private forum.”

Ben Cummings Company Inc. is based near Rochester, NY. He has been a full time consultant to chiropractors since 1995 and is active with his (very) limited private one-on-one coaching program, as well as author of 18 successful training courses and online coaching programs serving numerous aspects of chiropractic marketing. Here’s a link to my Google Plus profile if you want to add me to your circles.


Facts to Consider About Ben Cummings & Practice Building Center:

1) Between 1996-2000 he was the largest advertiser of chiropractic marketing services in three industry publications and it is during this period that he became best known in the industry.

(2) He most likely has the largest number of solo practitioners and independent clinics under his umbrella, with about 8,000 active members and clients. (That says a lot IMO.)

(3) Ben also seems to be sincere. He was one of the best reputations in the industry for being a “nice guy” although he’s been known to fire clients and I have personally observed quite a temper on him at times from doctors who “whine” during his seminars or webinars.

(4) Currently has the #1 most watched and viewed weekly Video show called The Chiropractic Marketing Makeover TV Show

(5) Recently his podcast and video web tv show debuted on iTunes at #17 worldwide for “business” category, beating our MSNBC, Business Week and AdAge, which lends credibility to his industry influence and industry reputation.

(6) Top marketing consultant and best-selling Nightengale-Conant author, Joe Polish has interviewed Ben Cummings twice for his Genius Network.

(7) Top Google consultant Perry Lawrence recently did an interview with an orthodontist Dr Tahir who has excelled in his marketing, and during this interview Ben Cummings was mentioned many times as the cause of this orthodontists multimillion dollar practice

(8) Ben Cummings has assisted directly in the growth of the top 25 largest chiropractic practices in the USA, and has chiropractic clients around the world, including: Australia, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore, and many others. In other words, he has enough “warm bodies” to go through his programs to state with certainty that Ben Cummings is in fact the “real deal.”

Question: How did Ben Cummings start consulting with chiropractors?

“Here’s the story of how I got started…

In 1995 I was living in North Carolina and was asked by a struggling doctor to help him attract patients. Although I had started and built several businesses, I was very reluctant to help him. At that time I had zero knowledge about private practices. So I agreed to do it on a contingency fee basis. I’d help him grow his practice, and I’d get paid only if he made money.

What happened: His monthly collections were around $20,000 a month when he hired me. To my shock, I was able to increase collections to $52,000 the first 30 days we worked together. Part of this was luck, because he had about 1,000 old inactive patient files that I was able to reactivate, which brought in a lot of easy money.

The next month I grew the practice to $58,000 in collection. The third month we got his collections up to $70,000 a month. They continued to grow from there. He referred me to other chiropractors in the area, I continued to get lucky and was able to build a track record. That’s how I got my start in the field of building practices.

In 1996 I released my first course to doctors. Again, I felt lucky because it was a big best seller in and we sold a few thousands to chiropractors around the world. Since then I have released 18 courses, conduct sold out live trainings once or twice a year, continue to do private consulting “on site” with clients, and started a successful Apprentince Program that enables me to work with chiropractors and their staff over a three year development period.” – Ben Cummings

I’ve Helped Chiropractors from every corner

We’ve been able to help over 8,000 chiropractors, in all fifty states, and in most of the English speaking world. I feel I’ve seen it all, heard it all, and experienced just about every sort of practice “problem” you could imagine. I don’t claim to be perfect! But if you have an open mind, I can help you make more in practice. And if I can’t help you, I usually know someone who can.  People say I am the most current and relevant consultant out there, teaching cutting edge chiropractic internet methods, social media marketing approaches that are considered “revolutionary” (and mostly free to do), as well as developing what we believe to be the single most successful Apprentice/Coaching Program in the history of the profesison. (Admittedly hard to measure and prove, but I base this on real-world tangible dough-in-the-bank and results over a ten year period of tracking our clients.)

Why I started this web site:

I started this web site, because I wanted to create a totally unique Community of doctors. A place where like minded, motivated, successful doctors could share what was working best for them right now, yet was private and exclusive so we didn’t get the usual “online nut cases” that rant and rave as if their crack supply has run up:)  I wanted a private “club” of top doctors, and luckily that’s exactly what we’ve built.  If you want patients, if you want to hob-nob with the top dogs in our field – people doing really BIG numbers – you’ve come to the right place.  

Who this website is NOT for:

Whiners, complainers, people so skeptical about their own success that they can’t even envision building a successful clinic. And, people who schlep everything upon underpaid staff and then yell at them for not making the doctor rich. Get real.  Oh, and I also fire clients regularly who are rude or have ridiculous expectations. (Hey, I’m just telling you the truth.) If you have a history of driving every consultant you’ve ever worked with crazy… please, allow me to refer you to my competition 🙂

However, if you’re sincere, motivated, and willing to work, I think you’ll find I’m a heckuva fun guy to be around. And I bust my tail to make my clients as successful as humanely possible. Just ask anyone who’s eve worked with me about my work ethic. A client joked that next to James Brown, “Ben’s the hardest working man in [show] business!”

Question: What are actual Doctors saying about Ben Cummings?

Hey, I’m sure there are some who don’t like me. (Not sure what the heck is wrong with them though:) However I seem to get an unreal number of testimonials, calls, and emails saying really great things about how much I’ve helped them grow their practice.  Obviously I’m going to show you the really GOOD ones (who wouldn’t) but consider the sheer volume and plethora of largely unsolicited testimonials from real-world doctors here:

Members Reviews – Read Our “Wall of Proof” from Actual Memers


Finally, if you get a good “vibe” from this message and you think we’d work well together, let me encourage you to take advantage of membership. We limit membership to 500 doctors. We are often in a sold out situation, click here to check on current membership availability: 

Membership Availability – Click Here


To Your Success in Practice,
Ben Cummings

P.S. If membership is currently in a SOLD OUT situation, my strong suggestion is to get on our mailing list to receive the great content that is taught on my WebTV show for chiropractors… Click Here To Get a High-Level Training “On the House.”