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Complete Article Index

We cover a lot of different topics on this site – this article index gives you a pretty good idea of the subjects we cover.

The following is a complete index of all articles on this site – presented in the most current to oldest article sequence.

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Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 732 Found     NEXT

DOWNLOAD: The Referral Survey Tool
Once you’ve laid the groundwork for referrals, how do you proactively generate them without offending patients? The solution is a tool I’ve been using for years with great success, called The Referral Survey! . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Special Report – Make $20,000 in Two Weeks
DOWNLOAD: Special Report - Make $20,000 in Two Weeks New reactivation strategy that createst a cash surge. Requires little time or money to implement, yields high Return On Investment. Established practices often make $20,000 in 2 weeks . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Promotional Example – The Referral Business Card Strategy, in Action!
A few years ago I advised my clients to print a simple paragraph on the back of their business card, that would turn it into a conversation piece that would be remembered and usually acted upon. All this, for about an extra half-of-a-cent per business card! . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Special Report – "One Piece of Paper that Makes $15,000 a Month in Practice"
This one piece of paper made one doctor $44,000 a month, with no risk. Simple strategy for offering "maintenance health programs" which enable you to charge a fee monthly, to the patients credit card. Most practices are making $15,000 a month once the program is established. Others make more! All from one piece of paper. . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Special Report – How to Get Medical Referrals for Your Practice
Doctors can earn a substantial living, from the referrals given by other medical professionals. Doctors erroneously believe that medical referrals can’t be cultivated. This report reveals a Letter of Introduction and a proven approach that works in the real world . . . keep reading
4 Tips to Having a Cash Cow Practice
Ben Cummings
4 Tips to Having a Cash Cow Practice In my analysis and study of over 3,000 doctors that I’ve worked with from literally all over the world, I have come to the conclusion that most everyone could dramatically change practice income if they would focus on four areas of practice . . . keep reading
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• Two words which get you all the patients you need.
• Two words which get you all the patients you need.
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