Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!
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Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

Ben Cummings

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Part 2 – Now let’s talk about your chiropractic marketing strategies, shall we?


What I learned from a Grumpy Old Guy While on Vacation in Wild Dunes… 


Last week we returned from a short beach vacation to a little gem of a place called Wild Dunes, South Carolina. I’d never even knew this place existed until Emily dragged me there last year… and now I can’t get enough of the place: 

  • Miles of perfect beaches…
  • Dolphins leaping and playing a few feet from where we were swimming
  • Affordable family vacation spot 
  • Six foot long docile alligators walking around the bike paths, oblivious to your existence (at least I hope so:)

A Chiropractic Marketing Strategies Lesson from A Grumpy Old Guy

The locals in Wild Dunes told me you don’t need a fishing license as long as you fish from the beach. In other words, ANYONE can bait a rod and catch fish, as long as you’re standing on a beach – doesn’t matter how big the fish you catch. Well I had to chuckle when I saw a grumpy old timer with eight fishing poles all lined up in a long row along the beach, each rod held in place with a buried piece a piping sunk into the sand. In this way he could be working eight lines at once, thus dramatically increasing the odds that he would return home with a bucket full of fish.


My son had a blast watching this old guy because…


He was reeling in the fish like a madman that day! He had three buckets teeming with fish when we were watching him. Yet, when I looked around him, I observed rather bored looking fisherman, all with one measly pole dangling lazily in the ocean, looking like they were seconds from passing out due to boredom.


This is exactly how success works in chiropractic. 


How many times have you seen a really successful, thriving practice, and you wondered to yourself… “Gee, this guy doesn’t look like anything special? He doesn’t seem to be doing anything much different from what I do. What gives? Why is he doing so well?” This, my friend, is the reason why. What is hidden just beneath the surface (that is not readily apparent unless you are specifically looking) is… the guy has multiple marketing poles in the water, thus his practice is teeming with fish – just like the Old Grumpy Fisherman from Wild Dune.


Are the light bulbs starting to go off yet? 

Well, there is another big secret behind chiropractic marketing strategies which you need to understand…

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