Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!
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Chiropractic Marketing Plan

Ben Cummings

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chiropractic marketing planPart 3 – Now it’s time to discuss Chiropractic Marketing Plans and what I learned while visiting the tropical Island of St. Barts. 


My favorite spot to vacation in the entire world is… the island of St. Barts. It is heaven! Here’s a picture of my hanging out drinking an espresso at my favorite hotel on the island, Hotel Guanahani while I am doing a bit of filming for Practice Building Center.


We try to visit St. Barts at least once per year, and I am often doing marketing training videos live on location from the beaches. Pretty cool! The last time I was there, we learned an eye-opening Marketing Lesson that will teach you all you need to know about effective Chiropractic Marketing Plans.


My favorite place to eat on the island is Restaurant Bonito. It’s all fresh fish, usually served raw as a ceviche style, washed down with really fun local-rum cocktails. We were eating there recently and I got talking to the owner. I asked him where he gets all this great fish that he serves daily.


He told me about a fisherman – one lone guy with a teeny tiny boat – and yet he is able to catch the fish to service this entire restaurant. I said him, “How the h*ll does he do it?”


Well, the first secret you already know about: Multiple poles in the water simultaneously. But here was the Big Aha Moment:


chiropractic marketing strategies

He told me this fisherman use lots of different kinds of bait + Dangling on Multiple Rods Dipped Off His Boat SIMULTANEOUSLY = Mad Feeding Frenzy. 


The result of which is that this created a “crazy buzz” of activity in that waters surrounding his boat…

Which drew the attraction & interest of even MORE fish.


In fact the parallels are almost exact: You never know which bait will attract the patients any one month, so you have to dangle all sorts of bait in the waters because some months ONE pole will save you… another month it might be something else. If you limit your chiropractic marketing plan to just one or a few measly poles, with ONE type of bait, and that pole doesn’t catch fish that month you are royally screwed.


There’s some serious lesson’s here hidden in all this fisherman analogy. The secret to generating a mad feeding frenzy of new patients booking appointments left and right, is to understand The Snowball Effect and Compounding Effect of Simultaneous Marketing Efforts.


Multiple poles + multiple bait = Feeding Frenzy.

You get marketing diversity and more chances to uncover patients, with multiple poles dangled into the water. With multiple poles, you generate a “buzz”, that COMPOUNDS the power of any one individual marketing effort. If one Marketing Project equals ‘x’… when we get a doctor to implement MULTIPLE marketing efforts simultaneously, that one Marketing Project now equals ‘x +2’.  


We call this the Snowball Effect and it’s a phenomenon I’ve observed often. Having multiple poles each generating some interest tends to create a COMPOUNDING EFFECT resulting in overall many more patients than if you did any one thing at a time. You have learned a lot already, haven’t you. If you click on the blue link below, I shall reveal one final Big Leagure chiropractic marketing secrets before I go… 

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