Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!
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Practice Management continued

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The Wonderful Secret of… Marketing Arbitrage!
Ben Cummings
The Wonderful Secret of... Marketing Arbitrage!Want to know about an overlooked tax angle that allows you to write off all your marketing expenses this year, yet enables you to profit in the next calendar year? Even if you hate “tax talk”, you’ll love this strategy! . . . keep reading

How to Supercharge Your Staff
Ben Cummings
Article discusses the #1 “biggest motivator” in staff, according to Wichita State University. How to use it to have a turned on, motivated staff… and how to set up a “Praise Department” in your practice . . . keep reading

How Staff Can Negatively Effect Marketing Efforts
Ben Cummings
How Staff Can Negatively Effect Marketing EffortsThis article explores how staff can dramatically affect your marketing efforts, positively or negatively, . Why getting staff on board is make or break. How to give your “internal customer” an attitude check up. The impact of staff on marketing results . . . keep reading

The Sweet Color of Success!
Ben Cummings
The Sweet Color of Success!How much does the physical appearance of your practice impact income? Is there a “color of success” in practice? How a practice grew 10% with paint. Thinking through the design of your office for better results and patient compliance and more . . . keep reading

Why Do We Lose Patients?
Why Do We Lose Patients?Guest article by Dr. Greg Nielsen reveals the REAL reason you lose patients. Can you guess what it is? Are you making this mistake daily in your own practice? If the name of the game is client retention and “practice equity”, then you’ll want to find out the reason why patients are leaving you, never to return . . . keep reading

Power of the “Take Home” X-Ray as the Ultimate Referral Tool
Ben Cummings
How would you like to aid your patient in talking you up to their spouse, friends, neighbors, and co-workers… without having to lift a finger? Read on to learn a favorite stratgey of our clients . . . keep reading

Want to Double the Value of Your Patients? – Part 2
Ben Cummings
Article reveals exact method used by a doctor to turn a $2300 case into a $7800 patient, with the ease of a Kung Fu master. This article provides rare insight into an effective practice strategy . . . keep reading

If You Want It Done Right… You DON’T Have To Do It Yourself!
Ben Cummings
If You Want It Done Right... You DON'T Have To Do It Yourself!Article explains why doctors experience “overwhelm”, burnout and symptoms of depression… all because they feel over-worked and under-appreciated running their practice. There is a much better way! If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself” then this article will dramatically change your thinking . . . keep reading

How to Get Your Marketing Program Organized – Photo’s of My Own System of Organization Revealed
Ben Cummings
Having a tough time getting your marketing program or campaign organized? Doctors tell us they come up with great ideas that never get implemented. Here’s how we solved that problem, once and for all. Complete with photo’s of my office! . . . keep reading

The Power of Setting a “Monthly Collected Income” Goal for Your Practice!
Ben Cummings
Article discusses why setting a goal for monthly collections works! Case study of how one doctor increased income 50%, using this method. . . . keep reading

3 Traits Found in Doctors Who Achieve Near 100% Case Acceptance
Ben Cummings
Article reveals 3 traits found in those doctors who get superb results from their case presentation. It’s impossible to improve your case presentation, and not improve income. These 3 tips can improve your case presentation results . . . keep reading

How This Doctor Retired 10 Years Early with 7 Million Dollars
Ben Cummings
How This Doctor Retired 10 Years Early with 7 Million DollarsArticle shows how a Mentor Client amassed 7 million and was able to retire early, while maintaining their exact same standard of living. No, this isn’t about a tight budget, investing in risky schemes or doing anything out of the ordinary. Here’s his true story… . . . keep reading

How to Handle the Stress of Money and Insurance Successfully, During the Case Presentation!
by Ben Cummings
How to Handle the Stress of Money and Insurance Successfully, During the Case Presentation!Effectively deal with patients unrealistic expectations about what their insurance covers. Head off fee objections. Reduce fee resistance. Article reveals successful strategy used by top doctors . . . keep reading

How to Know if Your Fee’s Are Too High!
by Ben Cummings
Not knowing what your fees should be can cost you substantial income. This article will teach you how to know what your fees should be… signs they are too high… and why fees that are too low can cost you significantly. . . . keep reading

How to Increase Referrals, With a Cheap $5 Investment
Ben Cummings
How to Increase Referrals, With a Cheap $5 InvestmentHappy patients refer. This article reveals a highly successful strategy for turning patients into raving fans who refer 200% more than merely satisfied patients. All this for under $5 total investment! . . . keep reading

Behavior Trait found in the Successful Practice Builder: What’s your “Emotional Endurance” Factor?
Behavior Trait found in the Successful Practice Builder: What's your Two doctors graduate from the same school. Both are equal in every way. Yet why does one doctor go on to earn $750,000 a year while his peer struggles to pay the overhead? This article will explain why and what you can do about it . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 49 thru 64 of 77 Found BACK NEXT

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