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home | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are listed the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from customers. I have tried to answer as truthfully as I can technical issues that can come up when viewing and using online media and content from this website. I’ve also tried to answer basic questions as well, so hopefully you’ll find this rather useful.

You might read through these questions and answers first, and try out the solutions suggested since we have tried to cover most common q & a’s below. If none of the above satisfactorily assists you, don’t hesitate to email us at: [email protected]


Q: I have an urgent problem. Who can I contact?

If you get stuck, your first option is to SCREAM at the top of your lungs, then race to the nearest bar and hit your head on the banister three or four times… only kidding. If you really truly have an urgent need — and remember, it’s my core belief that there is no such thing as an “emergency” in business, ever — then drop Emily an email at:  [email protected]  We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.  For non-urgent but important issues, believe it or not your best bet might be to head over the the Practice Building Center Members Forum and ask your question there, because there are some awesome doctors there who will bend over backwards to help you, if you ask nicely:)  But if you need one of us, email and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hrs. Keep in mind we have a small staff and a team of outsourcers… so treat us nice, and we’ll treat you nice.


Q: The Flash videos do not work. What can I do to fix them?

Try this first…

If you are unable to play the video it’s most likely you’re using Internet Explorer which really sucks for viewing any multimedia on the internet. Please do not use Internet Explorer to view multimedia (videos, audio etc) on the internet. Internet Explorer is infamously horrible. Definitely download the free Firefox browser. It is all much safer and less prone to virus attacks as well. I bet this will fix your problem.

With regards to watching streaming video online…

We stream video off the same high speed server used by cnn, fox online etc (via amazon s3). In plain English, it’s a high quality video FLV file that needs a strong internet connection to play. If you have road runner or faster internet at home, I’d watch it there otherwise you’ll go nuts with the stopping and starting. Also, if you have slow internet what you can do is hit the play button on the video, then PAUSE it… then go do something else for like 5 minutes and let it “load”… then come back and hit play and it will play. Sorry for the hassle but I only want high quality looking videos for you guys otherwise what’s the point if you can’t even see what I’m doing on screen! It would be very unusual for Amazon S3 to get overloaded, but I’m not saying it can’t happen.

I recently did a short video showing this stuff plus some video viewing tips – watch it here:

Ok, here’s some more technical mumbo-jumbo: In some cases, the videos on this website might not work for you when you click on them. The most common cases are:

  1. The videos do not load and play at all after clicking on it.
  2. The initial video area is just black and when you click on the video, nothing happens.
  3. The initial video area is just black and when you click on the video, only the sound plays.

This problem be caused because you don’t have the latest version of an application called “Flash” installed onto your computer. But don’t worry, it’s real easy to fix!

Simply go to the Flash website, and then download and install the latest version of Flash onto your computer.

Here’s the link:

Flash Website:

This should fix the problem in most cases. It may also be a good idea to press play to start the video, and then press the pause button a few seconds later. Then wait until the whole video has downloaded before you hit the play button again.

Ok… now if you want the really BLUNT answer:

In 99% of the cases, we find people have their problems using a crappy internet browser called Internet Explorer. Please, I implore you, to quit using it because it pretty much sucks to high heaven. Instead download and use (almost exclusively) the free internet browser called Firefox which you can download here:


Q: How can I update my Credit Card details?

To update your credit card details you need to email Emily at:

[email protected]

If All Else Fails…

Please drop us a call or email at the following:

Contact Person: Emily Cummings
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (585) 662-5980
My Personal Cell Phone: (what do you think I am,  crazy??)

If all else fails, just punch the computer really hard. That always seems to work:)


Ben Cummings

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