Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!Learn chiropractic marketing with our proven daily system & roadmaps. Guaranteed best results you have ever seen. Watch this video explaining the gameplan!
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Make Money With an X-Ray Machine – Part 2

Can You Afford an X-Ray Machine?

The real issue is not what something costs, but what is it’s worth. If you see 20 new patient a month, you could easily make back your investment because you’re now able to present a more powerful Case Presentation.

An x-ray makes this possible.

The impact of an x-ray machine on practice income

A doctor we know averaged around 20 new patient a month. His case average was about $700 per patient. We told him this was too low, from my experience and based on first hand knowledge I had as to what other doctors were getting in his area.

He told me he’d always been unable to increase his case plans. I asked if he was using x-rays during his report of findings for the show and tell benefit. He said no but was willing to give it a try.

He purchased a refurbished X-Ray machine for a few thousand dollars. The results on practice income were immediate. He found it easier to charge $1,500 with the x-ray, then it was trying to get $700 without one.

Purchasing an x-ray machine increased his collections approximately $16,000 per month! He recouped his entire investment plus some within 90 days.  And the only reason it took him that long was because he had to learn to use the equipment.

How to Purchase an X-Ray Machine at a 70% Discount

I want to let you in on a secret.

You should never pay full price for x-ray equipment! A client of ours recently purchased a gently used Bennett X-Ray Machine, Film Processor, and some Suppliers, for $6,000 total. This is 70% less then retail price. His experience isn’t unique.

Open your Yellow Pages and look under Used Medical Equipment or Medical Equipment. Talk to the company sales rep and tell them that you want:

  • X-Ray Machine and Processor, from a doctor who’s going out of business and no longer has a use for his equipment. (This doctor most likely leased and they’re taking it back.) 
  • Medical equipment hate taking back leased equipment! It’s a big problem for them. You present a good opportunity for them to get rid of their used equipment
  • Tell them you’d also be interested in a refurbished model if it could be obtained at a substantial discount 
  • Tell them you expect a deep discount – that’s why you’re buying ‘used’
  • It’s a benefit to the company – Instead of having to go to this doctors office, move the equipment and find storage for it, say you’ll take direct delivery. They can simply call you when such a situation arises and drop it off directly to your office

They will put you on their list. When such a situation arises, and it does more often than you realize, they will call you. The average length of time you will wait for such a situation to arise is 90-120 days. Be sure you call more than one company.

The only reason a doctor purchases new equipment is for ego. If you wait 120 days, you can find virtually any medical equipment for a substantial discount. This is just smart practice!

Don’t keep us a secret! Tell a friend about our practice building community!

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