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“I’ve been in practice 21 years can say without reservation that this information is the best. Since joining we’ve increased our income $6,000 per month and paid off $144,400 in debt. Ben has changed my life.” – Dr. Greg Henderson
“In just 6 months we have doubled the amount of money I was making. You’ve enabled my husband and I to have the freedom to take several vacations per year. Thank you for helping me to develop the practice I imagined years ago.” – Dr. Kathleen Ledet
“Thanks to you my number of new patients has doubled and referrals have increased three times. My case average went from $1,200 to $2,050. Most importantly, I’m only working 20 hours a week yet I doubled my practice.” – Dr. Gregg Nielsen, Wisconsin
“Over the last 12 months I have made $75,000 using just one tip. Since using your information, I have attracted over 500 new patients into my practice.” – Dr. Richard Reiner, Florida
“During my 7 years with Ben, I built and sold 3 offices for huge profits. Ben is ‘The Man’!  – Dr. Jeff Hockings
“Since I’ve started with you, my gross monthly income has increased over $20,000 per month. In a nut shell, you are the best!”  – Dr. Larry Miller

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Breakthrough Coaching Program…

The Story of the Most Dramatic Practice Turnaround That
I Have Ever Witnessed:

  Dear Client,

  Let me cut to the chase.

  The purpose of this letter is to two fold: (1) If you’re NOT already a Coaching Member, to tell you about all you’ve been MISSING, (2) to correct this situation immediately by…

Bribing You Silly With An Offer So
Irresistible, that You’d Have To Be
Certifiably Insane to Turn It Down!

  Here’s the bribe:  I have a package in my office of goodies that are yours for the taking. What is in this incredible package? It contains 5 rare courses totaling 34 cd’s. This is very special & rare material that only a few people have seen. Just say “maybe” and I will immediately Rush Deliver these 5 courses to your door step for free:

* FREE Course #1: The One-Day Report of Findings Course:

On 7 audio cd’s you will learn Ben’s legendary One Day Report of Finding System. Doctors using it are averaging 86 patient visits. The script and paperwork system that gets an almost 100% case acceptance… hear the word for word scripts my clients use… learn the world’s easiest “effortless financial paperwork close”… and see how they pull this off without high pressure or aggressive methods. Recorded live from a coaching meeting. Yours free.

* FREE Course #2: Secrets of a $2,000,000 Dollar Practice:

How does a doctor single-handedly build a Two Million Dollar practice from scratch? The most reliable path to success is to model someone who’s already done it. In this course you learn from my successful Coaching Program graduate, Dr. Greg Henderson, who will make $2,000,000 this year using strategies he learned in my coaching program. How he averages $12,000 per patient… how he works just 2-1/2 days per week… how my Coaching Strategies literally saved his ass, when he was deeply in debt and turned his practice around. Yours free.

* FREE Course #3: The Two-And-A-Half Day Practice Revealed! How my Coaching Clients are able to run extremely busy practices, in just 2-1/2 days a week.

There’s a reason my coaching clients have more free time than 90% of the profession. Using the 80/20 rule to find “dead time” and “peak time”… how to make patients happy about shorter hours… how to deal with staff & a shorter workweek (hint: they LOVE this!)… how to see MORE patients in LESS hours (exactly how)… Learn it all, every nuance & every strategy in this rare course on 6 cd’s. Recorded live from a coaching meeting. Yours free.

* FREE Course #4: Unlimited Referrals! How My Coaching Clients Average 25 Referrals A Month:

On these 12 cd’s learn the exact system used by my coaching clients that allows them to average 25+ referrals a month, with almost no added expense. This is the same system that Dr. Booker has ranted & raved about. (Dr Booker is a coaching client who built 10 clinics from scratch and is one of the highest paid doctors in the country.) Considered the #1 referral SYSTEM ever released, in the opinion of hundreds of coaching doctors. Never use “pressure” tactics again to get a referral. Complete system and tools taught. Averages 25 referrals a month for coaching clients. Yours free.

* FREE Course #5: Marketing In The Trenches: Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for the Aggressive Attraction of New Patients.

On these 8 cd’s you will discover the coaching meeting that our clients called, “Ben’s best seminar on marketing ever.” Discover Ben’s no-B.S. marketing course that kicks off at a lightening fast pace and never lets up, with Ben going over one after the other top marketing strategies and concepts that have single handedly built million-dollar-plus practices from scratch. Yours free.

Five Rare Courses on 34 Cd’s,
And They Will Be Rush Delivered
To Your Doorstep for Free:

  I am just asking you to test drive my remarkable Coaching Program, just say “Maybe”, and all 5 courses are yours to keep forever.

  Skeptical, aren’t you? Every word is true. Please allow me to explain and you will understand why I’m doing this…

   Regarding these 5 courses: As you can see, this is heavy-weight stuff, zero fluff here. I could make some terrific money just putting these courses on my website and selling them. We’re talking 34 cd’s here, a massive amount of material that my loyal customers would gobble up faster then a Thanksgiving Day turnkey.

   However, I am never going to sell these five courses at any price. This material is my most proprietary (and successful) systems. It is very important to me that this material remain in the hands of a select few. For this reason, their contents will remain exclusively the domain of our Coaching Clients. No one else gets to touch them at any price.

  Now some may call me stupid for choosing to turn down the potential money to be made selling these materials. But I remain fervently loyal to my Coaching Clients – and they in turn remain long term loyal customers of mine because they know and see that my most powerful stuff will never be available for “public consumption.”

However there is one way to get your hands on
all of this rare & exclusive materials for free:

  This brings me to the reason for this letter.

  You’ve been ignoring me.

  You have ignored all the hours and hours of raving Doctor testimonials, telling you how their life has changed because of my coaching program.

  You have ignored monthly Coaching Tele-Session in which I lay out a complete a-to-z marketing strategy that has gone on to make my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars from thin air.

  You have ignored all of the professionally developed marketing materials provided each month (on Cd-Rom) that all you need do is plug in your name and ph # and you can start profiting immediately.

  And, you have ignored the camaraderie, networking, and Masterminding that goes on amongst our group of highly successful coaching members who are some of the most helpful and sharing in the entire industry.

  But most disheartening of all, you have ignored the opportunity to attend this years exclusive coaching meeting (“Advanced Practice Building Revealed”) taking place on November 10th, 2007 in Las Vegas exclusively for my coaching members. Which they get to attend for free.

Frankly, I’m starting to take all this “ignoring”
personally. Therefore the goal of this letter is
to bury you in so many bribes & goodies
that you simply can’t say “No” any longer!

  Look. Quite simply my coaching program is the best program you will ever be involved with and that’s a promise.

  If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know that I walk my talk… I always deliver as promised… and I always deliver more than promised. That’s the reason that while other consultants come and go like the wind, I’ve been around 11 years and growing strong.

  Now you may have heard about other “coaching programs.” Do me a favor. Forget everything you’ve heard.  Because nothing compares or is similar to what you get in the Ben Cummings Coaching Program.


  In the Ben Cummings Breakthrough Coaching Program, what you get is an a-to-z marketing strategy (whatever is working the best RIGHT NOW for my clients and coaching members) and I transfer that information in real-time via our coaching tele-classes.

  Ok, I know… you’d like an example.

  On a recent coaching tele-class, I shared how a doctor is averaging $45,0000 a month by treating Carpal Tunnel patients.

  That month, we spent about an hour together going over an eight step marketing campaign based on one this very successful client who’s raking in $45,000 a month in carpal tunnel cases (that’s in addition to his regular back pain cases he’s also seeing).

  Then they all got a collection of camera-ready marketing materials that were prepared for them and professionally designed on Cd-Rom.

  Then we all got to discuss the strategy (through live Q & A and subsequent private website discussion) and brainstorm ways to make his marketing strategy work even better.

Now you might be thinking, “Is Ben showing
us an unusual month? Surely most months
won’t all be this good.”

  Do you think that perhaps I’ve shown you a best case scenario? Surely most months won’t be all this good, you say.
  If anything, most months you get even more stuff then this.

  I would also like you to consider all of the marketing materials you get in my coaching program. If you were to try to replicate what my coaching clients are given every month, you would have had to hire a professional copywriter, graphic designer, and a marketing consultant to create all this stuff for you and it would easily cost you upwards of $500 to $1000 per ad.

  Consider that in one month my coaching clients are handed an average of 8 ads, which is the equivalent of $7,000 worth of professional marketing services. Imagine getting marketing materials like this every month, and being told exactly how to apply it to turn on the cash pump.

Now you’re starting to get an idea of what you’ve been missing!

  Ted Nicholas, a business owner who made a personal fortune of $200,000,000 said:

  “Your business is just one good advertisement away from a million dollars.”

  Now will you use every single ad?

  Heck no. That’s why we teach such a breadth of marketing ideas. So you can pick and choose. During the monthly tele-coaching sessions, I try to make each strategy simple, clear, and immediately usable for you.

  Even providing the materials in Word Format so you need only add your name and presto, you’re making money with it sometimes literally the same day. Hey, it happens more often then you think.

  Now all that is great and helpful but there’s a big piece of the puzzle that a lot of coaching “outsiders” don’t understand.

  Our coaching program is so much more than ideas.

  Our coaching program is also about…

The Live Coaching Meetings, Friendships, Networking
and Camaraderie Amongst the Coaching Members!

  You see, in addition to the monthly coaching sessions and marketing materials, you get to attend the exclusive live coaching marketing seminars… for free. This alone is a $3,000 value, which we provide free of charge to coaching members.

  I haven’t done a “public” seminar myself for almost 4 years. I have no plans to do one in the future either. Instead, I have made it a goal to only spend time with and surround myself with top doctors with whom I am committed to helping them grow their incomes. Frankly, this choice has nothing to do with money – obviously, because I’d make much more if I opened these seminars to everyone – instead it has everything to do with…

   My 100% Commitment to Making my Coaching Clients the Most Elite Organization of Successful Doctors On Earth.*

  (*If you join coaching now, you will get to attend the next coaching meeting taking place on November 10th 2007 in Las Vegas at the sumptuous Bellagio Hotel & Casino. This coaching meeting is called Advanced Practice Building Revealed because you will learn the cream of the crop behind what is working the very best, RIGHT NOW, in todays market, to bring in the new patients and KEEP the ones you have, and then EXPEND THE VALUE of the ones youve kept. Anyone whos in coaching may attend and is allowed to bring 2 people with them. For free. Just get your butt there and strap yourself in for a wild ride of intensive marketing training. )

  Yeah, I know.

  All this is almost too good to be true:

     * Incredible monthly marketing coaching

     * $7,000 worth of professional marketing materials given to you monthly

     * Free attendance to the ONLY seminar I’m doing in 2007

     * And, you’re still willing to give me those 5 courses (on 34 cd’s in all) for free?

“Ben, why on earth are you doing
all this for me?”

  Earlier I said that I would reveal how you can get all 5 courses (shown at the beginning of my letter) rushed to you absolutely free.

  That’s the promise I made to you and every word of it is true.

  Heck, even if you drop out of coaching after the first year you still get to keep every single one of those courses.

  Now why the heck am I willing to do this? The reason is simple. I know how incredible coaching is. But you don’t yet. I am offering you all these courses covering my most powerful systems… for free… as a shameless bribe to get you to try out my coaching program. 

  Sure, it’s a big risk I am taking because I’m giving away the equivalent of $10,000 in courses for free. However if there’s one thing I know about coaching it is this:

  Once you see how incredible this program is and the quality of the content… and when you start seeing how much more money you’re now making as a result of it… I know that you will be hooked for life.

  In fact the average coaching client has been with me for 4.2 years. That’s saying something about the quality material I deliver every month.

“Ok, I’m intrigued. Can you tell me what I
get when I join the Coaching Program?”

  Specifically, here’s exactly what you’ll be experiencing in the coaching program:

* Monthly Coaching Session delivered by Tele-Class & Audio CD:

An intensive hour (at least) on a focused topic once a month. I do the session live and try to answer all questions. If you can’t make the live call (most can’t) not to worry. Within 72 hours you are mailed (every month) a coaching package that is made up of the following items: unedited complete copy of the Coaching Session on CD, along with the Coaching Workbook, and Cd-Rom that contains all marketing materials.

* Private Members-Only Webpages:

Each month you will be emailed a private link. This takes you to a private webpage where you can immediately download ads, letters, postcards, and other resources relevant to the month’s topic.

* FREE Coaching Seminar exclusively for Coaching members:

You can attend the next coaching meeting called “Advanced Practice Building Revealed” on November 10, 2007. Your attendance is FREE as long as you’re a coaching member! And you may bring up to 2 people with you. All you need do is get your butt there and tell us that you’re coming.

* Coaching members get their bronze membership free (a $479 per year value):

When you join coaching, you get a complimentary bronze membership for free. A bronze membership includes: My monthly written newsletter (“Killer Practice Building Newsletter”), Killer CD of the month & Members-only website. If you’re already getting my newsletter, you know how much content I deliver each month. I pour my heart and soul into these programs. This is $479/year value which you get FREE if you’re in coaching which is a great deal. 

* Five rare courses on 34 audio cd’s FREE when you join coaching:

I already told you about this amazing collection of courses that you will be receiving. Frankly, they are worth more in terms of dollar value than your entire coaching tuition! Upon being accepted into the program*, these courses will be Rush Delivered to your doorstep at no charge. Yet these materials can change your life.  

  Why do you think I have literally hundreds of successful doctors raving about my Chiropractic Coaching Program? Because there is nothing better than the coaching program and these doctors have said so.

  *Now for the bad news: Unfortunately coaching is a limited program. I allow only 100 doctors total into this program. At the time of this writing, we are 97% SOLD OUT which means only a handful of openings are available right now (and that is no bull.) And with this new shameless bribe offer in which I’m giving away 5 courses to people who join now, I expect to quickly fill up these spots and be once again totally sold out.

  (If you doubt that we really do “sell out” things, consider all the doctors last year who didn’t believe me who we had to turn away. Consider the Whiplash Newsletter subscribers who hesitated and lost their zip code to someone else. Consider the PI Course we released and warned that only 250 sets would be available worldwide, and now is unavailable. When I say something will soon be gone, you can believe it.)

  One more thing – it’s important:

  Okay… as you can see I’m being extremely generous here. But you don’t want to sit around thinking about it. In fact, I’ve put a strict time limit on this deal. If I don’t hear from you immediately, this astonishing bargain is over. Sorry but I’d go “belly-up” if I didn’t put some severe time limits on this killer deal. Right now, my office is holding only a few of these bonus packages and when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Your Application Required

  An application must be completed to be considered for Ben Cummings Breakthrough Coaching Progam. You can download an application here:

Application for Coaching – Click Here to Download

   Please fill it out and get this to us quickly because space is extremely limited. Ben Cummings personally screens applicants and grants final approval as to who may be admitted.

  Your application must be received filled out (completely) and a non-refundable $250 deposit is required (refundable if your application is not accepted) which we apply towards your first month of coaching. It is a binding agreement and you should NOT enter into it unless you are fully prepared to honor it including the payment preferences you select.

  If you are in search of the most current and cutting edge marketing strategies for your practice, networking and masterminding amongst other “big chiropractic players” who understand ‘our kind’ of marketing, accountability, and an opportunity to walk away with new breakthroughs and business makeovers, than Coaching is for you. We URGE you to apply before all of the limited slots are gone.

  Dedicated To Your Maximum Success in Practice,


   Ben Cummings

  P.S. Let me say that it is my firm conviction that the top marketing discoveries of 2007, 2008, and beyond will be different than those of 2005 or 2006 in a number of ways. We have already seen that evolutionary changes have accelerated the emergence of new practice building opportunities. There is power in being the “first on the block” to know and take advantage of such opportunities. That’s what Coaching is all about.

  PPS: Your application must be filled out completely or it will not be accepted. Click here to download a Coaching Application:

Application for Coaching – Click Here to Download

  PPSS: Want proof? Boy, do I have it for you. Lots of it. Proof #1 – Watch these Videos! I’ve gone to expense to post numerous videos on-line that you can watch right now! Watch these interesting videos of doctors and learn about their amazing successes, thanks to the Gold Coaching program by clicking here…

   Proof #2 – Listen to these Doctors Raving! Want to hear dozens of doctors raving about my program? You can listen to them tell you how much they love this program – in their own words – by clicking here…

   Proof #3 – Photo’s from my Private Files! And, you can see photo’s of doctors getting results by clicking here…

   Proof, proof, and more proof! Consider as you look at the mountain of evidence I’ve presented to you, that such a breadth of results amongst so many different practices is unheard of. Yet these are the sorts of doctors can accomplish in my Chiropractic Gold Coaching program. Click here to download a Coaching Application:

Application for Coaching – Click Here to Download


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