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New Member ONLY Opportunity to Test Drive My Elite
Inner Circle Membership And I’ll Hand You…


Why Would Any Sane Person Hand Over $1,970 in Free Gifts…
Without Any Catch or Obligation?

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    “Hi, this is Ben Cummings… If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering… okay what’s the catch? Why is this guy giving away a thousand dollars-plus of proven practice-boosting material? The answer is simple… It’s a win-win opportunity for both of us. You get a risk-free chance to test drive my outrageously effective practice promotional ideas and I get the chance to win you as a new member!

   The deal is this simple: You’ll take a few moments to explore all the FREE GIFTS you’re going to get, and read about all the member benefits I’m going to hand you, just for saying Maybe! If my offer doesn’t cause the hair on your neck to stand on end, then you better get your pulse checked at the nearest hospital. You’ll be blown away, that I can promise you!

Oh, one last thing. I would advise you to act quickly. There’s a limit to the number of these free gift offers I will offer, and as soon as I’m at my limit, this page will come down and you’ll have to wait until next year…”

   From: Ben Cummings
   Thursday 8:47 am

   Dear Friend,

   Is it really true that I am going to hand you $1,970 in free gifts, so you can discover the jealously guarded secrets that others have paid as much as $20,000 a year to learn? The answer is an emphatic YES!!

   Here’s how:

   For those who have never heard of me, let me be so bold as to tell you a little about myself. I have been called the “#1 most celebrated advisor to the chiropractic industry,” helping over 5,000 doctors all over the world, to make a lot more income, get a TON more patients, get a flood of referrals, by using my ‘killer practice promotional ideas’ for which I’ve become famous. Doctors from all over have paid $5,000 per person to attend my sold-out seminars, I currently earn as much as $12,000 for a day of consulting, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 9 years, you’ve probably heard something about my unique marketing and money-making abilities.

   Why on earth do doctors give me so much money, time and time again? Because my ideas work! My doctor-clients range from small town practitioners, to multi-clinic chains, and everything in between. Here are just a few of their positive comments about my money-making ability:

“We spend $2,000 less per month… yet thanks to Ben Cummings I’m getting 30 new patients monthly, 50% from referrals, and we are collecting 60% more in cash pre-pay programs… we’re on track to hit $1.5 million this year thanks to Ben Cummings”

Turn up your speakers and
listen to message from Dr. Doug Howell

 “I work 20 less hours… yet my practice is up $100,000 versus previous year thanks to Ben Cummings”

Turn up your speakers and
listen to message from Dr. Dave Ginsberg


“Ben has done wonderful things for me… In 3 months, I increased collections $15,000 a month, am getting extra 5 new patient referrals a week… and Ben Cummings case presentation has skyrocketed my cash prepay cases”
Turn up your speakers and
listen to message from Dr. Eric Etka

“Doubled practice in 90 days… from 100 visits to 200 visits, working less!”
Turn up your speakers and
listen to message from Dr. John Klubenspies

 And, have you EVER read testimonials
like these before?…

“114 Patients In A Month”

“I was looking for a master of marketing. This summer when many of my colleagues were saying how slow
they were, I saw 114 new patients in a month.  

We did over $100,000! Ben is the master of marketing I was looking for. Thanks Ben.”

– Dr. S. Willen

Listen to what Dr. Sid Dyer is saying…

“Doubled Patients ”

“In just 6 months we have doubled the amount of patients seen. Then we doubled the amount of money I was making. And increased the amount of referrals from the patients.

Since implementing your information, you’ve enabled my husband and I to have the financial freedom to take several vacations per year, and have the extra cash to buy everything we always dreamed of. Thank you for helping me to develop the practice I imagined when I first opened 4-1/2 years ago.”
Dr. Kathleen Ledet
Listen to what Dr. Mike Wild is saying…

“Practice Grows 36% in 12 Weeks ”

“Dear Ben,

We have been extremely successful with your program. So far we have DOUBLED our new patient numbers. This month we look like we will have our highest new patients ever – with no end in sight.

Our practice has also grown 36^ since joining with you – this has been in 12 weeks! We are growing by leaps and bounds. I put in some excellent programs and they are working beautifully. My staff is EXTREMELY excited! Our patient satisfaction surveys are through the ROOF and right now we are averaging 7-12 New Patients per week! …Ben’s program streamlines things amazingly. It is a very simple and great program. It does work!

  Dr. Tricia Richards

Listen to what Dr. Fred Blumenfeld is saying…

“Breath of Fresh Air!”

“Ben Cummings is a breath of fresh air to our profession. He is innovative, bright and energetic. He is well organized and presents incredibly valuable information, that can directly impact a doctor’s practice in a positive way!! “

– Dr. Michelle Evans

Listen to what Dr. Joe Fitzpatrick is saying…

“Decreased Practice Stress 60% “

“I wanted to drop a line to share my success with you. I have had… great changes from being involved. I am very family oriented and when I get home I want to give 1000% to my family. I have now created 2 “Rainmaker Days”, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. This allows me to create in peace away from the craziness of our practice and away from the craziness of home. The beauty of this is that Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I can concentrate on my patients and Saturday and Sunday I can concentrate on my family!

This concept alone has decreased my stress by 60%! It has also cut down on my wife’s stress as well! Thanks Ben!” 

– Dr. Jeff Chamberlain
Listen to what Dr. Bruce Lubitz is saying…

“24 New Patients in a Month “

“I have been using your testimonial ads…. January brought in 24 new patients from the ads alone. Anyway, I thought you would enjoy this tidbit. Thanks for sharing it with me!”

Yours in Health,  

– Dr. Spencer Williams


“Must Cancel Membership… Doubled Practice!!”

“Dear Mr. Cummings, I am writing to request that you cancel my membership. This is done not out of dislike of your program but simply because in the four months I have utilized your services, we have doubled the size of our practice, enabling me to find a buyer at a very attractive price! I have been very pleased and impressed with the results!!”

– Dr. Edward Carlton


   WARNING: Don’t expect the ‘Same Old, Same Old’ advice you’ve been hearing for years… Just take a few moments and read what Dr. Greg Nielsen, one of America’s top Marketing Chiropractors, says about me:

Listen to what Ben Cummings says!
I did and it made me millions of dollars in practice…

“I listened to Ben Cummings’ advice and doing so has made me many millions of dollars. Literally. For example, one tip Ben Cummings gave me recently regarding a dirt cheap key tag, put over $30,000 in my pocket in less than 30 days.
One tip he gave me on a Reactivation Program and Strategy for Re-Marketing Prior Patients, has put hundreds of thousands in my pocket year after year… for seven straight years now and counting. Millions, if we were to total it all up and I’ve since lost track.

Want to know how powerful Ben’s advice is? Want to know how much money he’s DIRECTLY earned me recently? As in, within the last 5 months? I just added up everything…

In the last five months alone, he’s directly made me $65,109.04 from one promotion…


– $28,527.50 from another promotion, that’s just started to hit its stride in the last 6 weeks!

In total, that’s $93,636.54 in five months. Keep in mind, this is in addition to all the money I already bring in from all my other existing practice marketing systems. This is NEW sales.


If Ben Cummings can make me $30,000 in a month, $93,636.54 in 5 months, and millions over 7 years (literally, not figuratively)……..

Imagine what he can do for you!!!!

Is it any coincidence that Ben Cummings has helped grow 8 of the 10 largest practices in North America? Is it any coincidence that top doctors seek out Ben? Heck, I’ve watched them flock to him. Why do you think Doctors pay him up to $12,000 per year just to pick his brain? Let me give you a sense of the caliber of player he deals with daily…

I was at a recent closed-door brainstorming meeting Ben occasionally holds. Is it any coincidence that sitting to my right was a Arizona doctor who currently makes $2,000,000 per year with spinal decompression… to my left, a Florida doctor doing $1.5 million a year in Personal Injury… across from him, a Washington, D.C. doctor running 7 back pain clinics… and that was just a taste!

The people in that room made MILLIONS combined. Yet all these doctors are there, on their own dime, to listen to what Ben has to say about growing their practices like crazy, with his totally unique marketing ideas.

How can this be? What is Ben Cummings secret?

The answer: Ben’s strategies for prospering against all odds have made him something of a legend in his industry, and propelled him to the top as a marketing and business consultant to over 5,000 DC and other doctors in North America.

Listen, I’m a darned good chiropractic marketer in my own right! But as I’ve told Ben often… Nobody, and I mean nobody has a handle on killer direct-response marketing and outrageously effective practice promotion ideas, like Ben Cummings does.

If you’re a doctor looking for a realistic and inexpensive way to flood a practice with more business…. you can’t get any better than to get, study, and use Ben Cummings materials!

Dr. Greg Nielsen, D.C. (Waterford, WI )

Now, I Can Tell You One Thing-
this many people… DON’T WRITE THESE
they experience something incredible.

And now here’s how you can have the same amazing
experience as all these doctors…

    What is so different about my money-making ideas… that is causes so many doctors, to say so many nice things about me?

   Well… I’m glad you asked!

   Why do top doctors, from all over North America, consider me their ‘Secret Weapon’? Because what they learn from me is so RADICALLY, TOTALLY different! Yes, what they get from me are FRESH new ideas, the kind of breakthrough ideas that literally caused 153 new patients to POUR into one small town practice, in the short time of 21 days. (A record that, to the best of my knowledge, has yet to be broken.)

   To make a large six-figure income today, you must use stunning, outrageously effective, outrageously DIFFERENT “marketing and promotional methods”… that get you noticed, that get people excited, and that get people THROUGH THE DOORS – right now.

   Folks, that’s my specialty. That’s exactly what I’ll be revealing to you, every month, for a bargain basement price!

Let Me Make It as ‘Easy As Pie’ For You
to Join My Inner Circle…

   In fact, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. If you have never been a Ben Cummings member before, I welcome you to Test Drive my elite Inner Circle Killer Practice-Building membership…

   Just for giving it a Test Drive, I’m going to shamelessly bury you in bribes… and you commit to absolutely nothing! These $1,970.00 in Free Gift are yours to keep no matter what. All you have to do to get $1,970.00 in free gifts, is sign up for the test drive and “Presto”! They’re all yours to keep!

Why do I make such a generous offer?

   Frankly, I know once you join my Inner Circle you’ll be hooked. You won’t want to ever leave…

   Now let’s take a look at what is included in the elite Inner Circle monthly membership…

Click Here to Take
Advantage of this Opportunity

Inner Circle Benefit #1:
You get my monthly “Killer Practice Building NEWSLETTER”… packed with monthly strategy!

    Each issue is at least 8 packed pages, usually more. This sucker is STUFFED with the best ads, postcards, campaigns, referral ideas, email marketing tactics, basically a packed digest stuffed full of whatever is working BEST to grow a practice – right now.

   This isn’t old rehashed stuff, I pride myself in having what many consider the #1 practice building newsletter in North America. Each issue arrives by First Class mail every month. Each issue is like a day long intense seminar in print. Often, I teach an entire Marketing Campaign from start to finish, providing camera-ready ads, letters, and scripts… and more.

   We cover every imaginable marketing opportunity for DC’s, from yellow page ads, direct mail, Val-Pak, new resident marketing, PI, work comp, referrals, newspaper advertising… you get the picture! Other times, I feature a killer idea being used with HUGE SUCCES by a Member. Look, it’s LOADED! L-O-A-D-E-D! (This is a $468.00 value…. INCLUDED!)


“Grew 30% and PVA Increased 40% in 120 Days ”

“I joined with Mr. Cummings four months ago looking to take my practice to the next level. The information I have obtained from working with Ben has helped my practice grow 30% and my PVA (patient visit average) has increased 40%. He has also helped open my eyes to increase the cash side of my practice. Let’s just say a new millennium needs a new coach and Ben is your man!”

– Dr. Aaron Richardet

Listen to what Dr. Mitch Shea is saying…

“Increased New Patients 25% ”

“Ben’s ideas and suggestions helped develop my New Patient Program, increasing my new patients by 25%. Patients continually refer due to our unique wow experience!”

 Dr. Peter Redburn
Listen to what Dr. Aaron Moos is saying…

“Collections of $95,000”

“Since I’ve been a client of yours, we have just finished our highest month of service and collections of $95,000 in August.

Our monthly collections have averaged an increase of $10,000 per month since January. Our office visits continue to increase, largely due to referrals from our existing patients. We have seen our inactive patients return at twice our usual number since implementing your ideas!”
  Dr. Robert Bigbie

Listen to what Dr. Larry Miller is saying…

“Paid off $144k in Debt”

“I’ve been in practice 21 years and gone to every seminar on practice management, and can say without reservation that Ben’s information is the best, most precise and easiest to implement.

 Since joining with Ben we’ve increased our income $6,000 per month. In thirteen months, we’ve paid off $144,400.00 in debt.
Next year, we’ll pour the foundation for our dream home in Hawaii, 140 feet from the water, and all paid for! Ben has changed my life!” 
– Dr. Greg Henderson

We’re Just getting Started!… When You test drive my Inner Circle
Membership You Also Experience…

Inner Circle Benefit #2:
You get my CD of the month, “Killer Secrets of Outrageously Effective Practice Marketing Revealed”… about one hour every month!

    Wow! Imagine every month getting an audio cd in the mail (about 60 minutes long) in which Ben Cummings reveals… the absolute best marketing things you should be doing RIGHT NOW, this month, to flood your practice with more business than you can handle.

   Ben has his pulse on trends, and since he works with the top 1% of doctors, he can spot exactly what our members should do – now – to rake in the profits. That’s what Ben will teach you on these hour long “audio seminars.”

   For instance, last months KILLER CD taught an extremely successful “referral contest” that has been bringing in 28 new patients a month. He laid out EVERYTHING you would have needed to do, details, scripts, you name it. Prior to that, he discussed 3 brand new killer ideas, that have DOUBLED the number of Work Comp and PI patients in his clients practices. That’s the sort of solid hard-hitting CONTENT you’ll be getting delivered to you monthly on each KILLER CD. (That’s a $397.00 value…. INCLUDED!)

Inner Circle Benefit #3:
Unrestricted access to my members-only website, “PRACTICE BUILDING CENTER”

   If you haven’t checked out our incredible members-only website… you won’t believe what you’re missing! As an Inner Circle Member, you get a full-access membership to everything on our website…

   Over 101 practice building articles, on marketing, practice management “from the trenches”, advanced referral methods, timely strategy, and on-going fresh hot wealth building articles — Ben writes two new articles a week (on average), which you now get unrestricted access to!

   When you become an Inner Circle member, you get all these articles… Video Tutorials… an active “super-achievers” Discussion Forum…. archive of articles… and this enormous body of work is completely searchable, so you can find answers to just about ANY problem, fast! (This is a $87 value… INCLUDED!)

Here’s a current ABBREVAITED list of some of the over 100 articles waiting for you to profit from once you’re an Inner Circle member:

1. The Power of Setting a “Monthly Collected Income” Goal for Your Practice!

2. How this Top Doctor Handles “P.I. Patients” During Their First Visit… that sets him apart from everyone!:

3. Massive Marketing Attack: Massive Marketing Attack How and why this doctor averages 75 new patients per month.

4. A Killer Telephone Strategy That Could Double the Number of Calls Coming Into Your Office

5. Case Study: The $25k Key tag Marketing Strategy and Update!

6. The Greatest Marketing Fallacy Ever Perpetrated on Doctors

7. Seven of the Most powerful Psychological Triggers in Patients!

8. Should Doctors Advertise for Patients? – Here’s the Unvarnished Truth about Advertising Your Practice Services

9. The Power of Using Testimonials to Get Patients!

10. How To Boldly Enter The Attorney’s World For More P.I Referrals

11. Target Marketing Opportunities for Doctors – Why there is Riches in Niches!

12. How To Save Time By Having P.I. Patients Do Their Own Paperwork At Home

13. The 15 Second Pitch for Doctors

14. The Art of Networking for Doctors: An Effective Approach that Works

15. 3 Ways to Insure You Never Have A “Slow Season”

16. The Back End Business Workshop: How and why smart doctors make big profits from Back End Business — with successful examples and models to profit from

17. How to Absolutely Fail With cash-Based Services… and how to avoid these mistakes!

18. Three Overlooked Marketing Opportunities, for Attracting More PI Cases!

19. How to Profit from the Aging Baby Boomer’s and Why This Might be the Most Astonishing Practice Building Opportunity in Our Lifetimes

20. Three Proven Ways to Motivate Office Staff, That Actually Work!

21. 5 Killer Practice Marketing Tips, for Making Money NOW: A Mentor Client recently got 35 clients for his new weight loss program! Another doctor got 110 people interested in his practice services! Here are 5 tips for practice marketing that are being used by our clients, to produce outstanding results .

22. How This Doctor Retired 10 Years Early with 7 Million Dollars…

And more… Much more!

Click Here to Take
Advantage of this Opportunity

Inner Circle Benefit #4:
Unrestricted access to my members-only online, “DOWNLOAD LIBRARY ”

    Inner Circle members get access to our entire “Download Library”… tools, letters, scripts, exhibits, and more… that you can instantly download! INCLUDED! Here’s a picture of what the DOWNLOAD LIBRARY looks like, that you’ll soon have access to!

Listen … that’s $952 in member benefits you will receive as an Inner Circle member! Trust me, you get all this for much less as you’ll see…

Oh, Did You Think I Forgot the Bribes I Promised You?
Take a Look at This GIANT List of FREE GIFTS You’ll Receive…
All yours FREE, Just For Giving My Inner Circle
Monthly Membership a Test Drive…

   Here’s the deal. I’m going to bury you with so many free gifts, it’s going to make your head spin and your greed glands overload with glee. The instant you join, you immediately will get this giant pile of fresh hot wealth-building gifts… worth $1,970.00… all yours free:

FREE: 7 Audio Programs……….. 3 Audio Tutorials…..

1. Free Audio Program: “Case Study: How a Doctor Gets 25 New Patients A Month, With Cheap Direct Mail”

2. Free Audio Program: “How One Doctor Made $33,247 in a Month, With a 60-Cent Tool”

3. Free Audio Tutorial: “How to Come up With a Killer U.S.P. that Finally Enables You To Answer the Question ‘Why A Patient Should Choose YOU vs. All the Others?”

4. Free Audio Program: “A Killer Telephone Strategy That Could Double the Number of Calls Coming Into Your Office”

5. Free Audio Tutorial: “Case Study: What a Multi-Million Dollar Practice Does to Generate over 85 Referrals a Month”

6. Free Audio Program: “Making Direct Mail Work for Doctors”

7. Free Audio Tutorial: “Four Most Powerful Ways to Grow a Practice”

8. Free Audio Program: “The Snowball Secret & Why Top Practices Generate So Many Patients!”

9. Free Audio Program: How to Get and Use Killer Patient Testimonials

10. Free Audio Program: How to CONDITION Patients to Hand You Referrals

Free: 2 Special Reports.. 3 turnkey marketing campaigns

1. Free Marketing Campaign: “Case Study: How Would You Like a Zero-Work, Zero-Hassle Way to Get 28 New Patients This Month? (That requires no headaches, no B.S., guaranteed?)

2. Free Marketing Campaign: “Case Study: Exact Copy of An Ad That Generated 21 New Patients In a Week”

3. Free Marketing Campaign: “Patient Flood Secret: Exact method used by doctor to get 150 new patients in 90 days, without a marketing budget”

4. Free Special Report: “The $30k Key Tag Campaign

5. Free Special Report: “New Marketing Breakthrough: How to Make $10k With Free Email Audio Postcards”

FREE: 32 Back-issues to the #1 greatest newsletter on practice building on the planet…

   The instant you agree to test drive my inner Circle, guess what? We open the floodgates and give you immediate access to all 32 back-issues of my Killer Ideas Newsletter! Available to you to read and digest at last count we figured no less than $12,000,000 in practice building ideas at your disposal within these bask-issues. Enjoy with our compliments… a $1,248 value yours free, with the test drive! When you sign up you get instant access to to all these free bonuses and audio programs which you will find on our website, so you can begin to profit without delay!

Even If You Drop Out, KEEP All These Free Gifts as My Way of
“Thanks for giving this a try!”

   You cannot lose.

   You can only profit enormously!

   Okay Ben, What’s the Catch?

Why are you going to let me keep
$1,970 in Free Gifts, Just for
Giving your Inner Circle a Try?

   Why on earth would I make such a generous offer? Should I be committed to the local psych ward?

   Here’s why: In all my years publishing my Killer Ideas Newsletter, fewer than 6% of my Members chose not to continue to receive my money-making practice boosting advice.

   I’m making you this incredible offer… for selfish reasons! You see, once you experience the test drive, you will make so much money and be so blown away by my elite practice building membership that “Thank You… THANK YOU…. “THANK YOU BEN CUMMINGS!!!” will become your mantra!!

   Look, I’m not tying to sound arrogant. It’s just a fact. Want proof? Just consider the plethora of comments from my Members throughout this website. I have file cabinets stuffed with more of these kinds of success stories. YOURS WILL BE NEXT! And this means your bank account, and your practice will soon SWELL with new income and cash profits, thanks to the strategies I’ll be hand-delivering to you from my KILLER NEWSLETER, MONTHLY CD, AND MEMBERS-ONLY WEBSITE.

   So, how do you get to become a Member?…. How do you get all the Free Gifts worth $1,970?….. All you have to do is Test Drive this membership. The regular price for membership is $49.95, but for a limited time you can join for only $39.95 a month! With no obligation, no contracts, no annual subscription requirements, nothing! Just pay as you go, test drive it a month at a time and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY. You get all the Membership benefits and tools listed above (worth $952) and all the $1970 in Free Gifts.

   You can drop out at any time, you keep all the free gifts, you can listen to the CD’s, test and profit from my KILLER NEWSLETTER, delve into the over 101 articles and instant downloads found at the PBC website, and you commit to nothing!!!

   And of course, it’s impossible not to lose, because if you don’t instantly fall head-over-heels in LOVE with my outrageous ideas, you can simply cancel your membership. Just give us a call at 585-241-9822 or fax us a note at 585-241-9834.

   Unless you’re already ‘fat and happy’ with every aspect of your practice, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this offer right now? You sure better, before I come to my senses!

   See you real soon…
   Ben Cummings

Click Here to Take
Advantage of this Opportunity

P.S. Oh, one last thing. I would advise you to act quickly. There’s a limit to the number of these free gift offers that I will be allowing. As soon as we reach my limit, this page will come down, and you’ll have to wait until next year.

Click Here to Take
Advantage of this Opportunity

Click Here to Take
Advantage of this Opportunity


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